Castle Constructor Alpha 0.3

Update 0.3a is a major update to the game with plenty of new changes as listed below.

New Features:

  • New card design, Hex shaped cards.
  • Deck building mechanics. Every 5 waves you will be able to select a new card for your deck.
  • 2 new maps to play on and a level selection screen.
  • A new enemy, bowmen. This unit will shoot at your towers when it gets close.
  • A new card, the stone mason. This section will slowly repair nearby sections
  • 5 new waves
  • New placeholder enemy design
  • Wave unlocks.
    • At certain waves you will now unlock a new card that can show up as one of the choices when you get a chance to select a new card.
    • Also at certain levels you can earn a chevron which will be displayed next to the level flag to show how far you have gotten in each level.
  • After winning or losing a level you can now choose to return to the map and can start a new game from there instead of having to refresh the page
  • Added more sound effects including a sound for enemy death and for arrows. Updated the sound effect for a section being destroyed.
  • The cards now show the section instead of a placeholder image.
  • You can now zoom using the scroll wheel.
  • Updated the tutorial with a new story, instructions, and tips.
  • On mouse over cards will now expand upward so that they don't go below the bottom of the screen.

Bug fixes and balancing:

  • Several UI fixes
  • Stone wall health has been doubled to make them more durable.
  • Fixes to some issues with the wave and card draw timing.
  • The time between waves had been reduced to cut some of the dead-space where there is nothing to do.
  • Adjust visibility of the cracks that indicate how damaged a block is so
    that they are easier to see when blocks are only slightly damaged


Castle Constructor 0.3a 45 MB
Nov 27, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.3a 44 MB
Nov 27, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.3a Play in browser
Nov 27, 2019

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