Version 0.4a

Version 0.4a of castle constructor was mainly focused on fixing bugs and minor issued with the game but also brings a bit of new content and some improved visuals.

Added ramps to link tiles of different heights to give the terrain a smoother look.
Added 2 new maps to the game which use the new ramps. (existing levels will be updated to include ramps as well.
Added a popup that will appear the first time you see each enemy on a level and which provides some more info about them.
Enemies now have a limit on how often they can damage your castle so that they don't bounce back and forth between close sections.
Added a skybox to make the background look nicer.
The fast enemies can no longer damage your castle and will not bounce off when hitting it. Later they will be changed to also go for any opening if there is one.
Added a rose icon to the flag

Archers still seem to be broken and will hopefully be fixed in the next build.


Castle Constructor 0.4a 35 MB
Dec 04, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.4a 52 MB
Dec 04, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.4a 54 MB
Dec 04, 2019

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