Alpha 0.5 Graphics Improvements

The graphics needed some improvement so this latest update was dedicated to improving the look of the game. In addition we have greatly improved the performance of the game. The changes are listed below.

  • Added decorative rocks and trees to levels.
  • Marsh tiles
  • A new design for the basic enemies and the archers. They now look better than they did before but will be improved in the future.
  • Archers have been fixed.
  • New better looking bridges.
  • Improved look of the water tiles.
  • New cursor (currently bugged as it is showing quite a bit larger on the web version)
  • Overall UI improvements.
  • Improved look of the main menu.
  • Added code to help prevent enemies bouncing back and forth between two tower sections
  • The options menu has been fixed and the volume can now be adjusted via a slider.
  • Adjusted camera rotation and zoom speed
  • Massive performance improvements.

For the next update we are planning to focus on adding new content. The plan is to add some more cards, a new enemy, and more waves of enemies.


Castle Constructor 0.5a 51 MB
Dec 11, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.5a 94 MB
Dec 11, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.5a 96 MB
Dec 11, 2019

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