Castle Constructor Alpha 0.6

0.6a was a major update to castle constructor and included a number of great improvements.

Added shield enemies to the game. The large shields can soak up damage from the front but the shields can be destroyed if they get hit enough. The best way to deal with these enemies is shooting them from the sides or back. 
The health of enemies has been increased a bit and the waves have been adjusted to start a bit easier than before.
Added a new card, Murder Holes. These tower sections will drop heavy rocks on enemies that get too close, dealing a lot of damage.
The fast enemies will now move around the towers rather than clip through the sides

In addition we are trying out an alternate camera view. The game is in perspective currently but we have been playing with the idea of changing it to orthographic. You can press the 'V' key during the game to switch between the two views. If you try it out please let us know which you like best!

The next update is going to be focused on adding more content. We are looking to add another new enemy and even more new cards to give you more options to work with when designing your defenses.


Castle Constructor 0.6a 51 MB
Dec 25, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.6a 93 MB
Dec 25, 2019
Castle Constructor 0.6a 95 MB
Dec 25, 2019

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