Castle Constructor Alpha 0.7 + 0.8

Updates 0.7 and 0.8 brought a lot of changes to the game as we move towards the beta release at the end of January. The focus for these updates was on adding more content and filling in some missing features that are needed before the game can reach beta. The changes are listed below.

Alpha 0.7:

  • Added a new enemy, Hammer. it is similar to the basic enemies but has more health and does more damage to your towers. To offset this they are also larger and slower which makes them easier to hit.
  • Improved tower range displays. A greatly needed feature, tower ranges now conform to the terrain so it is much easier to see what will be in their range. Plus it looks nicer.
  • Added new cards. The first is the Caltrops card which places caltrops on a tile. These will deal damage to each enemy that steps on them up to 30 times. The second is the Cheval de Frise, deploy-able barricades which will block enemy movement so you can help divert their paths, slowing them down a little and making the distance to the flag longer. After they have been placed they can be rotated at any time by right clicking on them.
  • Fixed the cursor size on the web version so it is no longer giant.
  • Removed some of the delays between waves where they were not needed such as at the first wave and on waves after selecting a new card.
  • The range of murder holes has been increased slightly
  • The min range of archers and turrets has been decreased slightly
  • Stone masons can now be built directly on the ground
  • New card selection will no longer appear after completing the last wave
  • Weakened waves 8 and 9 as they were too strong

Alpha 0.8:

  • Added an indicator to show how many cards you can play this turn
  • Added a tower cap that is added to any max height towers that don't have a section that caps the tower. This helps indicate when a tower is at its max height.
  • Added the Library card. This card allows you to draw more cards per turn up to a max of 8. Each library gives a card draw every 3 turns. With three it will result in an extra draw every turn and at 9 you will draw the max hand of 8 every turn.
  • Added the vault card. This card provides a slot in which you can store one of your cards. It doesn't cost anything to place a card in the vault but it will cost one of your plays to play the card from the vault. Great for holding onto a card you really want but cant play just yet or for getting rid of cards that you don't want at all.
  • Enemies now bounce back a bit more
  • Stone wall health has been increased to 30
  • Min ranges have been further reduced a small amount
  • Stone mason heal rate has been decreased from every 10 seconds to every 15 seconds
  • Caltrops health has been increased to 40 so it can now damage 40 enemies before being destroyed
  • Arrows have been changed to a brown color so they look more natural

The next update will be another big one and is planned to include...
more waves,
improved murder holes,
sounds effects and music,
improved level map,
and a new card, Battlements, which will get stronger for each other Batttlement adjacent to it.


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