Castle Constructor Alpha 1.0 and 1.01

Castle Constructor Alpha 1.0 release and 1.01 patch.

1.0 was a major release with a lot of changes, improvements, and fixes.

Game play:

  • Changed turrets to battlements. battlements start with only one arrow when shooting but will gain an additional one for each adjacent battlement. This section also adjusts its look based on adjacency so you can see which sections are connected.
  • Library and Vault cards can now show up in the new card selection as intended.
  • Murder holes now has the rocks roll out of the tower instead of dropping straight down the side. This also improves the spread of the rocks and the distance from the tower that enemies can be hit.
  • Wave timing has been made consistent in length.
  • Waves have been updated to fit with the new wave length
  • Path-finding has been adjusted so that enemies walking around a tower won't clip and hit the tower.
  • Stone Mason can no longer be built at height 3, only lower.
  • A major issue with the flag has been fixed. the heal rate is no longer dependent on frame rate and it correctly updates the visible damage.
  • Adjusted bridges both visually and the movement of enemies across them.
  • Fixed the Cheval de Frise moving higher and higher if you clicked multiple times to rotate it before they fell back onto the ground.
  • Minor adjustment to tower aim to make it easier to hit enemies when they are attacking a section.
  • Updated the tutorial with a new look and missing information. 
  • 1.01 Fixed tutorial causing game to lock if you tried to start a new map.
  • 1.01 Added additional information about rotating the camera and being able to stack sections to the tutorial.


  • Tower caps now have visible flags.
  • Adjusted the camera view to give a better experience.
  • Vaults now have crates and barrels that appear inside to show when there is a card in the vault.
  • Enemies now get a random weapon when they are created and can have the weapon in either their left or right hand.
  • Shield enemies now have a couple different shields they can show up with.
  • Scouts (previously fast enemies) now have a model and a horse that they ride in on.


  • Added a flashing red highlight around the wave indicator that is shown on waves 5, 10, 15 etc to indicate when the enemies must be killed to proceed.
  • When a new wave is about to begin and the player still has cards left to play they will flash red as a warning.
  • The level map has been given as new look and the levels have been reordered.


  • Adjusted text to be consistent for the names of sections and enemies.
  • Exit button no longer shows up on the web version.
  • Camera can now be rotated with the arrow keys as well.


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