Castle Constructor Alpha 1.5 Release

Another big update for Castle Constructor. The focus for this one was on improving the gameplay and changing the towers to match the low poly art style.

The card system has been changed from drawing cards from your deck every wave to instead be that you get your entire deck right away but only play your cards once. Along with this the game is now played as a series of shorter levels, called regions, where you get a reward each time you manage to defend a region. For now the only reward is a choice of a new card for your deck but we plan to extend this later to have a variety of different rewards. Additionally the game currently does not end when the last region has been saved/lost. This will be added in a future update.

We have a number of ideas for the next update that will help improve the gameplay even further so stay tuned!

The full list of changes is below:

  • Players now start with a deck consisting of 5 stone walls, 3 archers, and 3 battlements
  • Players now start with their full deck to play from the start
  • Players now have as much time as they want to play their cards before starting the waves
  • Waves have been shortened but strengthened.
  • Players now earn new cards after each level/region instead of every 5 waves
  • The map has been redone to have a number of regions for the player to defend.
  • There is now save data that keeps track of the player's deck and the map state.
  • A new button has been added to the main menu that players can use to delete existing save data so they can start a new game.
  • Increased the game speed by 25% and the camera rotation speed a little.
  • Battlements have been updated to make them more distinct in use from the archers. They now fire 3 arrows +1 for each adjacent battlement and fire them all in one volley but they are much less accurate. This makes them better at damaging crowds then archers while being weaker than damaging individual enemies.
  • Turrets have had their damage increased from 2 -> 3 so they kill basic enemies in one shot.
  • The tutorial has been changed to only be shown for the first level played of each game.
  • Cleaned up the UI
  • Other minor fixes.


Castle Constructor Alpha 1.5 235 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Castle Constructor Alpha 1.5 68 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Castle Constructor Alpha 1.5 221 MB
Jul 08, 2020

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did you fix horses?

Thanks for playing. The horses will be fixed in the next update which should be out in a couple days.


I made a itch account just to leave my thoughts :) . Really cool Game , super fun and engaging. Kind of need more walls than just the 5 you start with in the new version (1.5) kind of severely limits building decisions when you only have a handful of walls (I just end up choosing tons of caltrops and just plugging all the holes in the castle with caltrops which feels a bit cheaty).  I found the older version of the game intensely difficult and was like shit i wish this was a bit more balanced and now after 1.5 im kinda like shit this is too easy, was wondering if there is a balance that can somehow be struck as I really enjoyed the challenge that came with the old gameplay. I did quite like the 5 card draw element of the older version maybe the older version of the game could be reimplemented almost as an infinite arcadey survival mode to go alongside the campaign. Wish there was a creative mode where you get full access to all the castle components and the ability to set the enemy wave size. These are just my thoughts, really love the game hope it get's to where you want it   : )

This is exactly what we needed to hear! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I totally agree with the lack of stone walls limiting the possibilities, We're definitely going to do something to change this. We really weren't happy with the balance in the last versions and I'm afraid we waaaay overcompensated in this one. I think you're right about the caltrops, we're going to balance this by giving them limited durability.

I'm glad to hear you liked the old draw 5 mechanic! That kind of feedback is amazingly helpful for us. I like that mechanic too, but the reason we decided to try something different is we didn't like all the time spent waiting for more cards and we thought the most fun part of the game is building up your castle from scratch.  Giving the game shorter levels that revolve around that was something we wanted to try. The next update we're working on now will be making some sections interact-able. So your murder holes will charge up and you can choose when to drop them for example. Does the game moving in that direction interest you or do you think that goes astray of what made you like it to begin with?

The infinite arcadey survival mode is a great idea! And a great way to bring back the draw 5 if we decide to stick with the new mechanic. A daily challenge mode, where you're given a random set of cards on a random map and you see how long the castle you build can survive, is another idea I have been thinking about adding.  A creative mode would be really fun too!

Anyway thanks so much again, your comment was really helpful.