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Good gameplay, but glitchy. It keeps freezing on me and for whatever reason the repair action and stonemason don't work, but on on the the downloaded version? (Specifically the 1.4.3 patch for windows)

Glad you like the gameplay! We will take a look at the repair action and stone mason and get that fixed up soon.

I really love where you are going!!! This bridges the gap between things like Stronghold and Tower defense that is really missing. Keep up the great work!

I remember downloading this game like 100 years ago... can't wait to see the changes!


This is a really good game! I'm glad I found it (and could play it on web)! 


Glad you like it!

The web version has gotten less functional the more and more we have added to the game but we like keeping it up!


is this on steam yet? really fun :)

Yes it is! Glad you are enjoying it. See the link below or just search for Castle Constructor on Steam and you should be able to find it.
The game is currently still in early access with the full release planned for December of 2023.





- Sir, how many soldiers do we need?

- Yeah



Do you have any plans about Unity's recent exploitative practices?

Great question.

This game is almost done, full release is coming in December. So we'll be finishing it in Unity. For our future projects we're going to switch to another game engine. Not sure which yet


Really great game tho on the two last stages it gets a lil laggy

Glad you're enjoying the game!

If you're playing the web version the downloading will have better performance. We're also improving performance with each update!

yea that makes sense


Can you make the description of the items on the cards show when you hover on them in the deck builder? This is just quality of life, but it would help quite a bit.

Yep! We have already added the functionality to the next update.  It's still going to be about another week before we are ready to release it though.

Does it save automaticallly or...

Yes, the game saves automatically when winning or losing a level. It also saves any changes to the deck after confirming them.

it dident tho

Sorry to hear that. Can you send in a bug report using the in game tool? If you check the boxes for previous log and save file and include some details about what wasn't saved and when, I can try to fix and fix the problem.

Is there anything after Mesas? I have beat Mesas with 3 starts but the next level is not showing up.

Does anyone know if this is a glitch or just the end of the game in its current state?

Mesas is currently the last level available in the demo. Further levels are available in the full version of the game on Steam.

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on the prarie level the game crashes with a fatal error after the first wave ends, this happens on the web version

Thanks for the report.  The next update will be out in a few days and should fix this issue.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey, thanks for letting us know.

We're actually just putting the final touches on a patch that fixes this! It'll be out sometime next week.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah, unfortunately Unity only allows for 10 reports per day unless you pay for more. Today was the first time we actually reached the limit. 

Thanks for the report, I will take a look at the issue and see if I can find what caused the crash.

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whenever I finish the first wave of the first level in the campaign, the game bugs out right before the build faze starts. It just stays on the same screen at the end of combat and doesn't change.

Thanks for the report, I will take a look at the issue and get that fixed up soon.


Can you sell this game on itch?

I prefer the UI on Itch more than Steam.

Thanks for your interest in our game!

We absolutely plan on selling the game on itch when go to full release next year


Great game! However, on the mesa campaign level, the enemies dont spawn. When they do, there is an invisible archer which kills one of my defenders and nothing else, or units stuck on a building and dont move until the day when they die. This makes the level very easy to cheese, and I suggest fixing it when you have the time

Thanks, I'll take a look and get that fixed.


The game stops showing the new cards at some point after wave 1 in level 4 or 5 without being able to start the wave or do anything.

Thanks for the report. Just to be clear, the wave ends, time advances back to day, and then you are saying that the window for selecting your new cards for that wave doesn't show up? 


I Would like to have catapults in the to use and enemies also and great game.

Thanks for the suggestion. We do have a catapult block and a catapult enemy planned for a future update!  


Hey, I just downloaded this game (Alpha 5.7) and I found a bug at the tutorial level.

After placing the wall, archers and battlements, when the dude tells us about the action cards, I can't move forward by pressing space and I can't do anything with the action card. I've tried multiple times, but it seems stuck at that exact point every time. Hope you would fix it very soon.

Thanks for the report. I believe at that stage it might be when you are supposed to click the horn button to start the wave. I'll make sure to give it another look to check if that is the case and will try to adjust the wording to make it clearer what the player needs to do to continue.

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I also tried clicking the horn, but it was not starting the wave.

Anyways, I decided to skip the tutorial part and do some levels. I gotta say, I really liked the gameplay and the low-poly style was perfect. Very nice, fun game. Keep up the good work :)

Edit: You guys fixed it! Nice job 

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Hey, I like this game very much, I just have some bugs to report:

LvL 9 I only can play once bevore i have to restart the game, because i cant place any blocks at my 2nd try on it

sometimes the enemies stay at their starter flag and wont move

othertimes the enemies wont follow the path

the attackers with wodden things often get stuck on buildings and are unable to move.

plus on the deck builder would be great if you can see what each tile can do

i hope you can fix some of this bugs, and find this comment helpful :

Thanks for the report! Ill take a look at it.

I encountered that same issue with the enemies staying at the flag, and found that every single time I place a barracks block, the next wave doesn't move. If I don't place a barracks block, the enemies follow the paths as they should.

Thanks for the report. I will take a look into it and see if I can find what is causing the issue.

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm not quite understanding your comment. Mind trying again?



We would love to translate the game into other languages at some point but we aren't quite ready for it. Maybe after a couple more updates.




Graphics not bad actually a fun game


We have been working hard on the graphics. More improvements still to come.


keep up the good work :)

We will, thanks!


Pretty, i just dont know how to rotate blocks.


Nevermind, you just click them.

Glad you like it!

I'll look into making the rotation more clear in the next update




Really like the concept and core mecanics, but I can't understand the logic behind enimy movement, they simply clip thorugh terrain instead of going around

Glad to hear you like the concept and core mechanics!

We're still improving the pathfinding. It's a complicated problem but we're working on it. You can expect fixes and improvements to it in each update!


Game is cool,kinda all i need to say,Looking forward for that steam release :)


We're planning on a early access release on steam in July.


Made an account just to let you guys know how much I genuinely love your game. I've shared and finished it with a couple of my friends, who all enjoyed it! I'm hoping to join your Discord server as soon as it's up. My best friend and I are trad artists and are big fans of Mount & Blade - we'd be glad to offer help in making some art/fanart (battle scenes, concept art, etc) for your campaign or user interface!~


We're so glad to hear how much you have enjoyed the game!

I've been getting the discord set up and it's still a bit of a work-in-progress but we'd love to have you join. Here's the link:

And we'd love to see your art! I'll make a fan art channel in the discord.

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It's been really nice the little I've been playing with it- though the in the campaign it would be nice to see where the most amount of enemies will be coming from, because it's a bit embarrassing on my end to build up some walls with the most coming from behind. However I want to complete this cool game before I think of anything else to say, good work!


Thanks for playing!

We're working on a huge update that will be out in the beginning of June. I hope you get a chance it play it because we would love to hear what you think. We actually made an upgrade that let's you see where the enemies will come from; we agree that is a good idea!

Thanks for your support!


Thank you! I was actually playing it a bit more whenever you replied, I'm glad that there is going to be more in the future! Can't wait for some more updates (and maybe new music perhaps?)


I'm working on the music now, it's a struggle sometimes tho lol. But yes, expect some new music in the next update.

That's great! It never hurts to have some inspiration (or well, a day to procrastinate by listening to random people's soundtracks) and trying to find some small channels that do music (like this one and this one) where you could find inspiration from. Hope the tune making goes well!


Super cool game! I did the survey and am very excited to see each update. Really hoping you make a discord. I said this on the survey, but there's a bug where enemies walk through walls and its really annoying.

I keep coming back to this game, love to see some more levels. Keep up the good work, and take your time!


Thanks so much for playing, we're glad you like it!

I'm working on making a discord server and there will be a link to it in the next update.  We're making some pretty big improvements/changes so I'll be really interested to hear what you think about them as someone who has played these earlier version of the game. 

Thanks again, see you in the discord!


btw don't worry if anything takes longer than expected, a good game is better than a rushed one!


Very fun game! Looking forward to the campaign! I was searching for a game like this for a long time, dont know how i didn't find it before. 

The few bugs that i find were that the newly added rams sometimes stuck the enemies and in creative mode, u can't destroy reinforced walls.

Thanks for playing, we're glad you found it!

Thanks for the info on the bugs, we've been working on the ram pathfinding for the next update.

What kind of campaign would you like to see in the game? We're still working on conceptualizing it.


I got the game and it seems fun but the enemies always bug out on the bridges. They go in circles and the round never ends. I don't know if it's a me problem or a game problem but it makes it unplayable for me. :( 

Oh no, sorry about that.

Do you remember which level it happened on? We'll make sure it's fixed in the next update at the end of the month.


Dude you need to put this on steam for like 10 bucks. I would buy it. It's like a roguelike game.  Now if there was a endless that would be sick. (and if there is already a endless, im sorry but im high asf rn)

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We actually just got our steam page up:

It'll be released in early access in June!  An Endless Mode is one of our plans for while it's in early access.


Oh bet, once i get money, i'll buy it. but for now i'll definitely put it on my wishlist.  

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i played a little bit and was having a lot of fun, but sadly my GPU couldn't handle it for some reason. Even in the main/starter screen of the game, my GPU is at 98%. While playing the game it sounds as if my computer is on fire.

 I have played several games with better looking graphics such as Diablo 3, LOL, Overwatch and never had problems.

I also tested to make sure the GPU was working properly with the software "UserBenchmark".

If the performance issue is fixed, i would gladly pay to play this game.


downloaded Castle Constructor Alpha 3.0

windows 10

GPU:   Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB

CPU:   Intel Core i7-6700K

Thanks for playing and thanks for this info; it's really helpful!

Performance is something we are aware needs some works and we're improving it slowly with every update. For the April update we will be focused on graphics and performance. I hope you'll give the game another after that comes out.


I think this might be one of my favourite games on this site, I'll keep fingers crossed and hope that this game will be a hit :)

Thanks so much!

It's hard getting the game out there and seen by people, so we really appreciate you playing the game on your channel. I can't wait to watch it!

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I love the game but, i would think that a sandbox mode where you could place unlimited towers and blocks at the cost for fps of coarse, oh! and if you implement this please make it to where you spawn the enemies, thanks ahead of time

P.S the web version takes forever to lad in this version

Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure if I'm just missing something but that sounds like the creative mode we have in the game currently.


I really liked the game and played it a lot! and I hope you will keep upgrading the game! there are a few visual glitches and pathfinding bugs but I am sure they will be fixed at the full release.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

We are definitely continuing to work on the game, next update will be out at the end of the month.

Pathfinding is still kinda bugged around bridges - enemies get stuck on them, usually when the way is blocked behind the bridge. Can only surrender when that happens ;/

Same here. You can see the 2 enemies on the right bridge. They were stuck walking in circles.

Hey thanks for letting us know and sharing the picture! Fixing the pathfinding problems is our main focus for this months update and we have just about cracked it.

Nice castle btw! 

found out a way to fix it if your playing on browser: copy and paste the link and the press play after you run game and countinue so you wont have to surrender, then close the tab the attackers were glitching out in

Oh great idea! This won't be a problem much longer though. I was playtesting today and I believe we have fixed all the pathfinding issues for the next build at the end of the month.

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the browser version does not load. Using windows 10/ google crome

Edit: it did load after aprox. 2 minutes.

Thanks for letting us know. Once we get the next version out I'll make sure to take a look at improving the loading times.

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