Build your castle. Build your deck. Defend your flag.

The Game:

Starting from nothing, use your deck of section cards to build a mighty castle one block at a time. Carefully choose where and when to play your cards as you try to fend off the waves of attackers coming for your flag.

The Cards:

A strong block
with high health.
shoots arrows.
Shoots a barrage
of arrows.
Repairs nearby

Drops rocks onto
nearby enemies.
Damages enemies
that walk over it.
Blocks enemy
Increases the
hand size.


Stores a card
for later use.
More to come!

Next Update: TBD

The next update will focus on improving the gameplay.

Planned Features:

  • 12+ levels
  • 50 waves of enemies
  • More cards.
  • Multiple enemies with equipment like rams to destroy your towers.
  • A campaign
  • Endless mode


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Castle Constructor 1.2a 238 MB
Castle Constructor 1.2a 230 MB

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This game is so laggy

Thanks for the feedback and we are sorry to hear that. We have noticed the lag issue as well and are working to have it fixed in the next version. 

Great otherwise this game is  amazing


cool game