Build castles. Build your deck. Save the kingdom.

Castle constructor is a new take on the tower defense genre. Design your castle how you want it using a modular system of unique, interlocking, inter-working blocks. Stack them up high or spread them out across the map as you try to build the perfect defense. Landscapes like deserts, mountains, rivers, and hills come with their own advantages and challenges. Fend off waves of enemies who will try to climb over and break through your defenses in their attempt to capture your keep. From lowly soldiers to powerful siege weapons, you will need to defeat them all as you strive to protect your kingdom.

Monthly Updates!

Next Update: Mid November

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Feel free to join us in the discord to share your castles and provide feedback!

Development News

    Castle Constructor has now launched into Early Access on Steam. A roadmap of completed updates and planned updates can be found in game.

     We really appreciate feedback so if you have any thoughts you'd like to share leave them in the comments!


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We would love to translate the game into other languages at some point but we aren't quite ready for it. Maybe after a couple more updates.




Graphics not bad actually a fun game


We have been working hard on the graphics. More improvements still to come.


keep up the good work :)

We will, thanks!


Pretty, i just dont know how to rotate blocks.


Nevermind, you just click them.

Glad you like it!

I'll look into making the rotation more clear in the next update




Really like the concept and core mecanics, but I can't understand the logic behind enimy movement, they simply clip thorugh terrain instead of going around

Glad to hear you like the concept and core mechanics!

We're still improving the pathfinding. It's a complicated problem but we're working on it. You can expect fixes and improvements to it in each update!


Game is cool,kinda all i need to say,Looking forward for that steam release :)


We're planning on a early access release on steam in July.


Made an account just to let you guys know how much I genuinely love your game. I've shared and finished it with a couple of my friends, who all enjoyed it! I'm hoping to join your Discord server as soon as it's up. My best friend and I are trad artists and are big fans of Mount & Blade - we'd be glad to offer help in making some art/fanart (battle scenes, concept art, etc) for your campaign or user interface!~


We're so glad to hear how much you have enjoyed the game!

I've been getting the discord set up and it's still a bit of a work-in-progress but we'd love to have you join. Here's the link:

And we'd love to see your art! I'll make a fan art channel in the discord.

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It's been really nice the little I've been playing with it- though the in the campaign it would be nice to see where the most amount of enemies will be coming from, because it's a bit embarrassing on my end to build up some walls with the most coming from behind. However I want to complete this cool game before I think of anything else to say, good work!


Thanks for playing!

We're working on a huge update that will be out in the beginning of June. I hope you get a chance it play it because we would love to hear what you think. We actually made an upgrade that let's you see where the enemies will come from; we agree that is a good idea!

Thanks for your support!


Thank you! I was actually playing it a bit more whenever you replied, I'm glad that there is going to be more in the future! Can't wait for some more updates (and maybe new music perhaps?)


I'm working on the music now, it's a struggle sometimes tho lol. But yes, expect some new music in the next update.

That's great! It never hurts to have some inspiration (or well, a day to procrastinate by listening to random people's soundtracks) and trying to find some small channels that do music (like this one and this one) where you could find inspiration from. Hope the tune making goes well!


Super cool game! I did the survey and am very excited to see each update. Really hoping you make a discord. I said this on the survey, but there's a bug where enemies walk through walls and its really annoying.

I keep coming back to this game, love to see some more levels. Keep up the good work, and take your time!


Thanks so much for playing, we're glad you like it!

I'm working on making a discord server and there will be a link to it in the next update.  We're making some pretty big improvements/changes so I'll be really interested to hear what you think about them as someone who has played these earlier version of the game. 

Thanks again, see you in the discord!


btw don't worry if anything takes longer than expected, a good game is better than a rushed one!


Very fun game! Looking forward to the campaign! I was searching for a game like this for a long time, dont know how i didn't find it before. 

The few bugs that i find were that the newly added rams sometimes stuck the enemies and in creative mode, u can't destroy reinforced walls.

Thanks for playing, we're glad you found it!

Thanks for the info on the bugs, we've been working on the ram pathfinding for the next update.

What kind of campaign would you like to see in the game? We're still working on conceptualizing it.


I got the game and it seems fun but the enemies always bug out on the bridges. They go in circles and the round never ends. I don't know if it's a me problem or a game problem but it makes it unplayable for me. :( 

Oh no, sorry about that.

Do you remember which level it happened on? We'll make sure it's fixed in the next update at the end of the month.


Dude you need to put this on steam for like 10 bucks. I would buy it. It's like a roguelike game.  Now if there was a endless that would be sick. (and if there is already a endless, im sorry but im high asf rn)

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We actually just got our steam page up:

It'll be released in early access in June!  An Endless Mode is one of our plans for while it's in early access.


Oh bet, once i get money, i'll buy it. but for now i'll definitely put it on my wishlist.  

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i played a little bit and was having a lot of fun, but sadly my GPU couldn't handle it for some reason. Even in the main/starter screen of the game, my GPU is at 98%. While playing the game it sounds as if my computer is on fire.

 I have played several games with better looking graphics such as Diablo 3, LOL, Overwatch and never had problems.

I also tested to make sure the GPU was working properly with the software "UserBenchmark".

If the performance issue is fixed, i would gladly pay to play this game.


downloaded Castle Constructor Alpha 3.0

windows 10

GPU:   Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB

CPU:   Intel Core i7-6700K

Thanks for playing and thanks for this info; it's really helpful!

Performance is something we are aware needs some works and we're improving it slowly with every update. For the April update we will be focused on graphics and performance. I hope you'll give the game another after that comes out.


I think this might be one of my favourite games on this site, I'll keep fingers crossed and hope that this game will be a hit :)

Thanks so much!

It's hard getting the game out there and seen by people, so we really appreciate you playing the game on your channel. I can't wait to watch it!

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I love the game but, i would think that a sandbox mode where you could place unlimited towers and blocks at the cost for fps of coarse, oh! and if you implement this please make it to where you spawn the enemies, thanks ahead of time

P.S the web version takes forever to lad in this version

Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure if I'm just missing something but that sounds like the creative mode we have in the game currently.


I really liked the game and played it a lot! and I hope you will keep upgrading the game! there are a few visual glitches and pathfinding bugs but I am sure they will be fixed at the full release.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

We are definitely continuing to work on the game, next update will be out at the end of the month.

Pathfinding is still kinda bugged around bridges - enemies get stuck on them, usually when the way is blocked behind the bridge. Can only surrender when that happens ;/

Same here. You can see the 2 enemies on the right bridge. They were stuck walking in circles.

Hey thanks for letting us know and sharing the picture! Fixing the pathfinding problems is our main focus for this months update and we have just about cracked it.

Nice castle btw! 

found out a way to fix it if your playing on browser: copy and paste the link and the press play after you run game and countinue so you wont have to surrender, then close the tab the attackers were glitching out in

Oh great idea! This won't be a problem much longer though. I was playtesting today and I believe we have fixed all the pathfinding issues for the next build at the end of the month.

(1 edit)

the browser version does not load. Using windows 10/ google crome

Edit: it did load after aprox. 2 minutes.

Thanks for letting us know. Once we get the next version out I'll make sure to take a look at improving the loading times.


Wow, I would buy an improved version of this game if I had money. I like how everything feels(also tower defence is the genre I like) and the music is good although it's sometimes cut strangely. 4 gray guys out of 5.

Thanks for playing and for the comment! I have been working on the music myself so I'm happy to hear you like it. Right now the music is just a few sketches and the full soundtrack is still a work in progress.


The bit I dislike most is when theres one guy left and your towers cant reach and he breaks down a tower a whole tower by himself hmpf


Same, we have had some ideas for fixing this but we haven't gotten around to actually trying them out. We'll have an update that changes this sometime next month. Thanks for playing!


Ooo, I'll have to give the game another go when that comes out. I've enjoyed my time with it so far (despite the annoying survivor :p) 


I like the central tention in the game, the limited selection of blocks forcing a diffrent solution on every map.

I like the diffrent cool looking castles and seeing if my plan worked.

I would realy like:

An undo button for when I put a block in the wrong place.

I would quite like:

A redo button, to run the same map with the same blocks again, to see if I can do better. 

A score representing total damge. (With more points lost if the keep is attacked). 

Maybe would be cool:

A gate house block. It would sit elivated either side by stone or battlements. The attacker path would not be impacted by it, but something could rain down on them as they passed underneath. I think it would look cool. 


Thank you for playing!  These are a lot of cool ideas.

An undo button is something we would like to add but just haven't gotten to yet. I totally know how frustrating it is when I'm building a nice castle and I completely ruin it by a miss click.

Score is an awesome idea. I'd love to do a stats page where you see all kinds of stuff like damage taken, arrows fired, etc... 

We have been working on a gate block! It wouldn't actually have any attacks but you could stack blocks on top to give it some. The original idea was for the player to be able to open and close it.

Thanks for the feedback! The way you broke it down into likes, would likes, etc. made it really constructive. I'm definitely going to try that next time I'm giving feedback!

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Fun game. Feels a little bit too easy and restrictive. Played for 6 or 7 maps, but I never had enough tiles to build a castle with complete walls. Mostly just building a funnel with caltrops and murder holes killing everything.

It crashed on the start of the 9th battle.

It also crashed for me when I click the survey button.

Thank you for playing and sharing those bugs. We'll have them fixed in the next update. I agree about the difficulty balance and the restrictiveness. We're planning an update for next month where we'll make each map 3 waves, and you'll get to pick new cards to add to your castle in between waves. I think that'll give the game more options for castle design and strategy!


I keep winning the game even when I lost the flag. Linux version. Great game, amazing!


Oh ok, my flag just disappeared immediately when hurt not showing the progress.


Hey thanks for playing!! And thanks for letting us know about that bug, we'll try to fix it for the next update on Friday!


brilliant little game. one problem: I have a knight stuck on the edge of the map, not moving - and thus the map doesn't end. :-(


Thanks for the feedback. We have just released a major update Alpha 1.6 which fixes the issue of enemies getting stuck and includes a lot of improvements and fixes.



my name is sonny, and i make discord servers to order!
i saw your game (and loved it) and i thought it was the perfect opportunity to reach out and see if you were interested!
message me via my discord for more info!
have a nice day!

Hey thanks for the offer! And thanks for playing! 


i completed the game

what do i do now

Thanks for playing! Currently the game is not complete and has no real ending. Once you get to the end if you would like to play again you should be able to return to the menu and click the clear save button in order to start a new game. This is being made clearer in the next build.


look at this 

the horse doesnt move

Thanks for the feedback. We are working to fix the pathfinding issues with the enemies in the upcoming build which should be out in a few days.

Hey everyone!

I tried this game and have had a lot of fun with it. On my channel I try and support indie games that i find here or on Reddit groups. I managed to defeat a few maps actually.  I would love to see more updates maybe like a capture the flag situation? Some music would be nice too? More variety on cards as you go along could work well. But other than that loved the design of levels the great castle look and enemies coming quick at you.

Thank you for supporting this game !


Doesn't work? webGl compatibility glitch?


I'm sorry to hear that the game wasn't working for you. I've taken a look and can't find any issues on my end. Were you able to solve the problem or are you still unable to play the webgl version?


What about an option to combine the same card 2/3 times to make it a bit stronger? 


That could be really interesting! We want to have upgraded cards eventually


And now some bugs :)
1. Parts of user-interface in a web-browser is unreadable:

2. It looks like it's still possible that enemies freeze and are unable to move forward. I have found this in two situations:
a) when there's no path to the flag - horse riders are stuck:

b) on a map with Island in the middle:

...and the only thing you can do in such situations is just surrender :/
3. Another bug when placing "Caltrops" on a terrain with different height. You don't see exactly where it will be put. You only see it after you press mouse button as it drops from above.
(that's all what I have found for now). 
Keep-up good work :)

Thanks for sharing these! We'll have fixes for these in the next build. Enemies getting stuck seems to be a perennial problem for us... I want to experiment with the levels each having their own set paths(very similar to a traditional tower defense). Of course enemies would re-path around anything you build in their way, but with only so much tolerance for going around before they would try to break through. This might make the next build or get totally scrapped if it sucks haha. Anyway thanks again!

horses stuck again


thanks for update. I really think that this game requires more game modes or maybe "free mode" after you complete all map levels.
1) As sinker1 pointed out game is now too easy. I think that if you prefer to make just one wave the flag should perhaps not repair itself. Because what's happening right now is that horse-riders burns flag but after regular army comes the flag is restored again. (I don't know maybe more difficulty levels which has flags with different health points).
2) Right now the "card-game" felling went away :/ with just one wave of enemies. Maybe return to 3-5 waves and allow player to press button between waves after he/she completes placing new castle elements. 
3) After sometime 5 stoneblocks is not enough. I'd prefer to extend deck-building element here - for example: add new stoneblock card and/or upgrade existing stoneblock card with something else.
4) It would be great to have forum for this game (same as for Sisyphean Pinball ) for reporting bugs and/or suggestions. I will make separate comment with bugs.


Thanks for taking the time to leave some more feedback, this is incredibly helpful to us, seriously! 

1) We definitely messed up the balance in the last update... Good news is we are already working on it for the next update. We have redone the waves so that the are more of a challenge.  We're also testing a new idea for the flag. The player will start with a tower in the center they have to defend. Each time an enemy reaches the tower they enter it and it loses 1 hp out of say 15. We would be really interested to hear what you think of it when the next build comes out later this month!

2)There are certain things we really like about the new card system but yeah that are quite a few things we miss, we're brain storming some new ideas for it to hopefully find something good. Multiple waves like you mentioned is something we are considering, thanks for sharing that idea!

3)Lack of stonewalls is a problem for sure. Currently what I'd like to do to fix it would be to add multiple new card picks between levels so you might get to pick between some of the unique cards, then also get to pick one of the basic cards to add as well.

4)That's a great idea! I'll go ahead and set that up


Pretty cool! I'd love to see some ability to control your deck more from the start - go into missions already having made some deckbuilding choices. Would also like to see the deck composition tweaked to produce fewer turns with 5 stone blocks, since there are very few decisions then.

Hey thanks for the feedback! Having deckbuilding choices before the missions is a fantastic idea, and yeah getting a hand of all stone walls really sucks. 

We're actually about to put out an update that changes the structure of the game and hopefully will really improve on these aspects. At the start of each level you'll use your whole deck to build your castle and then the enemy waves will be much shorter, just a few more intense waves. The deckbuilding will be between levels. We have a new map and map gameplay too! 

If you have a chance to give it another go after we get the update out in a week or so we'd love to hear what you think. Thanks again!


Those changes sound great! Lookong forward to it.


great game. Sometimes enemies are stuck on map 5 or 7 (see picture attached) and there's nothing you can do except restart entire game :/
Also placing castle tiles on enemies is causing weird behavior.
Would it be possible to demolish your own castle if I misplaced something? Or that's the idea of game to plan accordingly without possibility to demolish my own structures?

Hey, Thanks for playing and for the comment! We've been working on the problem with the enemies getting stuck and it should be fixed in the next update. We're going to make it so the player can't place sections on top of enemies but we just haven't gotten around to it. Being able to demolish sections is a good idea!


Nice game :]

This game is so laggy

Thanks for the feedback and we are sorry to hear that. We have noticed the lag issue as well and are working to have it fixed in the next version. 


Great otherwise this game is  amazing


cool game