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Build a mighty castle to defend your fledgling kingdom. Starting from nothing, use your deck of section cards to build your castle one block at a time. Carefully choose where and when to play your cards as you try to fend off the waves of attackers coming for your flag.

Next Update: 12/11
Graphics improvements
Decorative map elements such as trees and rocks.
A new better looking design for the enemies.
Better looking UI.
Some balancing and fixes to a few of the maps
Some performance improvements if there is time

A strong block
with high health.
shoots arrows.
Shoots a barrage
of arrows.
Repairs nearby blocks.

Planned Features for Completed Game:

  • 12+ levels
  • 50 waves of enemies
  • Several more cards.
  • Cards that are unlocked by reaching a target wave in each level.
  • Multiple enemies with equipment like shields to block arrows and rams to destroy your towers.
  • The ability to upgrade cards during a level.
  • Potentially a campaign


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