Made for the 2020 Mix and Jam with the theme 'combining genres' by combining puzzle and racing.
Try to reveal a path through the minefield before racing for the goal!

How to play:
     Left click to reveal the tile
     Right click to place or remove a flag
     Space or click the button to switch to driving
     Clicking a bomb will end this part and send you right to driving

     w/up accelerate
     s/down break/reverse
    a and d/left and right to steer
    Touching a hidden block will reveal it as if it was clicked.
     Hitting a bomb will cost you one of your 3 lives and send you back to the last checkpoint.
     Flags will not defuse the bombs, make sure you still avoid hitting them!
     Reaching a checkpoint will restore a life and start the minesweeper mode on the next part of the track


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This idea is great! I pretty much like it. But the countdown audio suddenly coming out really gave me a heart attack lol.