Made for the Mix and Game Jam with the theme of dimensional shift. We took the photo taking mechanic from Pokemon Snap and shifted it from 3d to 2d. 

You play as an alien from a universe with only 2 dimensions who is visiting our world for vacation. Your task is to take a bunch of pictures of various animals before you have to return home.

(Note about the pictures at the end. Just like how our pictures are 2d, the 2d alien's pictures are in 1d)

(Note: the score is currently messed up as one of the bonus tasks is being counted as a regular task. It should be 14 tasks and 3 bonus tasks)

'a' and 'd' rotate the camera
'w' and 's' let you change the camera lens to give you either a wider or a longer view
'space' takes a picture
'shift' opens the list of tasks for you to complete

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